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The Spyrou Show

Michael McIntyre – O2

Tuesday 17th November 2009

I’m seriously not stalking Michael McIntyre, having seen him already on tour at the Trent FM Arena and Wembley, but the guy puts a smile on face and leaves me no option but to book tickets again!

Once again, a quick song and dance in the British Music Experience Museum was becoming a ritual. Luckily, the Bee Gees vocal failed to record. The again, 4 of us crammed into a small area dancing to ‘Staying Alive’ by The Bee Gees was good fun. This was preceded by 3 of us attempting Happy Monday’s ‘Step On’. That routine for anyone watching looked like 3 escapees from an Institution.

Our floor seats were excellent this time around, with just 3 rows from the stage. And what a difference that makes, especially as binoculars were a requirement during the Wembley show. Michael McIntyre came on stage and immediately ripped into a girl who for some reason or another refused to sit down.

Of course, having seen the show twice already, most of the material was as expected, but still made me laugh. I think it’s the sense of knowing what’s coming and the anticipation that everyone around you will be cracking up in a second or two. He covered the snooker action, morning breath, bullshit wine production, pausing VHS tapes, dragon’s den, anti-wrinkle creams, buying shoes, naked men in changing rooms to name but a few topics.

As the show was nearing Christmas, he performed a superb festive routine that wasn’t part of the previous shows. Once again, Michael McIntyre excelled and having seats up close made the experience even more enjoyable. His original tour was always going to take something special to top it, but this came close and hopefully in 2010, he’ll raise the bar even further.

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