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Michael McIntyre – Wembley Arena

Saturday 3rd October 2009

Another chance to see Michael McIntyre in action, this time much closer to home for both him and us. No chance of arriving late this weekend, as a friend was driving and he’s always prompt!

On this occasion, our floor seats were way back from the stage. So when Michael McIntyre joked about the audience being so far away they could have just bought the DVD, I have a feeling most people might have been in agreement.

Finally, McIntyre got to shout out ‘Hello Wembley’, a likely ambition for many southern performers. One of my favourite moments was when he joked about the action when playing snooker being similar to tossing off someone behind you. I played snooker almost every week throughout my early teens, so it’s just one of those hilarious things you’d never really think of.

During the break I met up with friends sat elsewhere in the arena. One commented that comedy didn’t really work in a large arena, unless you were sat near the stage. Another commented, that he felt McIntyre was too rehearsed.

My personal opinion was that McIntyre seemed slightly nervous, possibly because it was in his home town or possibly because it was being filmed for DVD. He seemed much more relaxed in Nottingham a week earlier. The crowd also seemed warmer in Nottingham than at Wembley.

Once again it was a fun night out and well worth the trip up the road.

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